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Dance should be counter clockwise, please: In progressive dances such as the fox trot, waltz or tango, couples should move around the floor only in a counter-clockwise direction. this includes patterns in which the man moves backwards.

Spot Dances: In spot dances such as swing, rumba or cha-cha couples should try to stay in or around the small area where they began dancing.
When the music permits more than one type of dance such as the fox trot and the swing, swing dancers should move toward the center of the floor, thereby making it possible for fox trot dancers to travel freely around the outer area of the dance floor.

Chatting: By all means stop and say hello to other dancers. But if you stop dancing to chat or demonstrate a step, please move to a corner or another empty area to avoid impeding your fellow dancers who are moving around the floor.

The Fast Lane: Let faster dancers use the outside perimeter of the dance floor. Slower dancers should use the area closer to the center of the floor.

Polka: Groups should contain no more than three couples, unless it is obvious that there is room for more on the floor.

General Courtesy: Always be alert for other dancers and make sure there is open space ahead. If you accidentally bump, kick, or crash into another dancer or couple, please take the time to apologize.

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