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2023 - 2024 ---Membership Form Download and Print
  The membership drive is underway for our new dance season, which will begin on Friday, October 6th of this year, 2023.


There are two membership options.

  1. $200 for the full slate of six live orchestra dances.

  2. $150 for any four of the six live orchestra dances.

  As in the past, for new members joining the Club during the dance season, dues are prorated based upon the number of remaining dances. If you have questions, please contact the Club's Treasurer.  We hope you will join us for another year of fine ballroom dancing.

Member Privileges
  Members of Red Friars come from Ames and other surrounding communities and from all walks of life. To a one, they all share a common love; the joy of dancing.

  Membership in Red Friars offers you the opportunity to enjoy varied ballroom dancing in a congenial, upscale atmosphere.

Membership includes:

  • Six dances each season—October through May (Please check the Schedule)

  • Enjoyment of live dance bands

  • A fine wooden dance floor

  • Convenient parking


  New members are always welcome. Fill out the Membership Form Single persons may join but must attend with a partner.
A non-member couple may attend their first dance at no charge! Should they wish to again attend as non-members, admission is $50 per couple for each additional dance event.  Past members wishing to attend an event will be charged an admission fee of $50 per couple.
If you are interested in joining us for an evening of dancing, please contact one of the 
Current Directors, by phone or e-mail, so that you can be invited to join us.

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